Römertherme – health and spa pleasure

Feeling good, doing something good for body and soul – that is the philosophy of the Römertherme in Baden.

The Romans knew all about this and bathed in the sulphur thermal water in Baden for health reasons. In addition to age-old treatments such as sulphur baths or sulphur mud packs that can be booked in the adjacent Baden spa centre with regulation bill, after consulting a doctor, a visit to the spa and sauna area and fitness centre completes the traditional health therapy.

Spectacular combination of old and new

Even today, many carefully designed details testify to the fact that the Römertherme in Baden was built on the site of a former open-air swimming pool.

Through the largest free-hanging glass roof of Europe, nature, light and sun can flow into the building.

Master architect at work

The main building of the Römertherme in Baden dates from the first half of the 19th century (classicism) and was designed by the architects of the Vienna State Opera – Sicardsburg and Van der Null.

Tthe sauna and the steam bath as well as the restaurant are housed in this wing.

Yellow Gold – the treasure of Baden

Baden is not only landscape, but above all water.

The Baden sulphur thermal water, the ”yellow gold”, bubbles with a natural temperature up to 36°C from a depth of around 1,000 m to the surface.

It is primarily used to treat chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system and rheumatic disorders.

14 sulphur mineral springs

Baden has 14 protected springs, from which the “yellow gold” can be used in its full strength and purity.

The largest and warmest spring, the Marienquelle, supplies not only the Römertherme, but also the Baden spa centre and the Badener Hof with the healing sulphur water.